We may have a slight drinking problem....ooh, and we create!

dlt productions is an organically growing collection of creative minds that spend their spare time creating Art and sharing it here for anyone curious enough to go inside and have a look and a listen.  For us, Art takes the form of what ever expression we want to put out to the world at that specific moment in time. But what is time?  We just keep doing what we do, if it is not in the main stream or absorbed by the masses, even better.

At least we did something today...what have you done?

brothers KIME

brothers KIME is made up of former dirty lil’ trollops founders Randy & Wes (Yum-Yum) Kime. Based out of the Live Free or Die state, brothers KIME is best compared to a blended mix with the likes of LEN, Ween, Bran Van 3000, Bloodhound Gang, The Doors, Sublime, Beck & Gorillaz.
Their songs touch on subjects such as higher consciousness, Aliens, death, hope and despair. Every brothers KIME albums will leave you with a sense of inspiration to seek answers to those deep questions.
Their newest release The Impostor Syndrome was their 7th album and the second EP of a four EP collection. The release of Lap Dance with the Devil & the Five Year Nap…. EP in April 2017 was the first EP of the collection. Due out in the next few months to complete the 2017 EP collection of music will be “Find What You Love & Let It Kill You” as well as “Beyond the Blue Marble” EP’s.

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dirty lil’ trollops

Part of the dlt Productions family, dirty lil’ trollops is made up of Randy Kime, Wes Kime (Yum-Yum) and Terry Bouchie. The band called it quits in 2004 after touring the Boston and East Coast area. They did regroup in 2011 for the album “Where the Day Takes You…”

The founding members Randy and Wes Kime went on to form brothers KIME which is an extension/continuation of the dlt sound.

brothers KIME is set to release a four EP Collection throughout 2017.

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Terry Bouchie

Terry is a former member of the dirty lil’ trollops and has come on to write and release his own solo material. Check out his new Americana Stylee!

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Grizzle Chicken

We look at the passage of time as we look at anything else in our lives.  It is a “thing” you cannot create nor destroy, touch or taste. Can you feel time? Some would argue yes.  So what makes time, time? The passage of time flows past us at even intervals. Past is coming, present is here and future is there.  But “now” is not now it was then by the time you read the word “now’, it is gone.

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brothers KIME Live:

Felmed Coof

Felmed Coof by brothers KIME

A Spoken Journey:

Way Past Tipsy & Other Silent Cries For Help...