Bukowskis to Henrys, Henrys to G-Town

She wouldn’t let me in the bar even though I showed her my tattoo

eat brownies,

eat shrooms,

walk back to the redline

stop to take a picture of my work building up and close just for prosperity


get on train,

stick figure was is grinding to life in my ear buds,

I tell everyone that they are all slaves to their devices

everyone was on a device but I wasn’t…I had it in my ears 🙂


get off a Davis square because someone is surely on to me

walk around Davis square just a bit to sober up

a bit turned into missing the last train

walked in a  four block circles for hours


tried to use google maps but wasn’t happening

found a backyard patio in a fenced in area to rest

tilted my Sox cap over my face an watch the patterns dance behind my eyelids

woke up around 4am and walked to alewife

got in my car drove home

woke up at 8 and went back to work


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