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The Impostor Syndrome

The Impostor Syndrome is EP # 2 of the 2017-2018 brothers KIME 4 EP collection. This album is a collection os songs that speak to the subconscious decisions we all make. Good or bad we all have an invisible force that guides us turn after turn, decision after decision towards a future that is predetermined […]
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Lap Dance with the Devil & the Five Year Nap…

Lap Dance with the Devil & the Five Year Nap…. is EP # 1 of the 2017-2018 4 EP collection. This album speaks to the darker side of solitude, despair talking risks into the unknown, meaning people that think beyond the norm of today’s society get cast aside and labeled as weirdos or crazies as […]
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One for the Road…

One for the Road is an album that represents the loneliness and the want for companionship. Wether tough times in a relationship or the loss of something you have spent time to build physically or mentally.
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Nothing Left to Give…

Nothing left to give is an album that pokes at our need as humans to be wanted, but when we are wanted we want to be left alone. The grass is not greener on the other side. All of  “IT” will follow you to the end unless you make change.
by dltproductions / April 10, 2012 /In

Eon Essentials V.1

Eon Essentials volume 1 is a collection of songs from the brothers KIME first three albums. We felt these songs needed to be pulled into it’s own collection. Volume 2 is coming, we just don’t know when. If you have any suggestions for V.2, you can let us know any way you can. We no […]
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Bringin’ Back the Styley…

Bringin’ back the style is a feel good collection of songs that we worked through quest appearances by Terry Bouchie. It has a feel of freedom and carelessness. Not giving a fuck is a learned behavior for most, for others it is born and bred.
by dltproductions / April 10, 2008 /In

The Way We Were…

The Way We Were focuses on places in our minds from times past, were we want to go and what we have learned along the way. It has hints of loss and want.
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Almost Better Than Tacos…

brothers KIME debut album “Almost better than tacos” is a fun yet dark collection of songs that speak to loss of a father, alcoholism, and the need to get up go to work then go home. Rinse and repeat. Is this real life?
by dltproductions / April 10, 2006 /In