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Where the Day Takes You…

Where the day takes you was writing during the time when we were deciding to either carry on with dirty lil’ trollops or permanently break off into brothers KIME. Yes, we had a few brothers KIME albums out at this point in time but with the original drummer calling to jam and Terry Bouchie available […]
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Down & Dirty

Down & Dirty brought the heavier side of dlt out to the masses with songs like “felmed coof” and “we can play punk rock” dlt would go on to use most these songs in their live performance set lists.
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Echoes from the Basement

“Echoes” is the adopted name for this debut dlt album. It was written, recording, mixed and mastered in the basement of Randy & Wes’s parents house shortly after the death of their father. “Mom allowed us to play and when we would come up for a break she would be humming and singing the main […]
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