The Handlers & the Sherbet

By Randy Kime

The 4th of July a celebration message and countdowns in fireworks a message to get ready…..

A craft came down and filed us all into lines, we were given robes to wear. Mine was pink but the handler told me pink was the founding color.  Other people got different colors along with head wraps.
They brought us into a room that was of a green material that when you walked into, you slowly sank into it. Some people went under, I didn’t.
The material was weird, it was wet, a red liquid came around for us to drink and I did not hesitate, I wanted to follow the rules, not to conform, but for the experience. Going into the unknown has always fascinated me.
I heard some handlers to my right say in a tight group murmur “look at him, he goes with such confidence, Lets keep an eye on him.”  It made me feel good.
The woman told us all to remove anything we had in our mouths, I had gum but did not want to spit it out on the side of the “pool” I didn’t know what to do with it and wanting to follow the rules I swallowed it.  They asked again to make sure nothing was in our mouths.  I still had gum in my mouth.  This was weird, I just swallowed it.
I swallowed it again and and again and again. Was everyone having this issue?
A group of us got onto a bus and began to move through a town of huge buildings with neon signs, they told us to look for a sign called……
I looked with great concentration but I could only make out a few signs, one being “Twisters”.  I thought that I must try that out at some point. whatever it is.
We made our way into a higher elevation section of town and I could hear the driver and the handlers conversing about sticking to the strict deadline of getting us back on time .  Back to what?
The driver radio’d in and we could hear it echo through the bus.  “Are you going tonight?”  The other end responds “They are not here yet, so it may not happen.”
“OK we will take them to see”
The bus parked in a tight area.  They let us out.
It reminded me of a huge mall, we were then instructed by the handlers to get off the bus and single file all go into this one particular store.
I walked in and there was a woman in the back in a type of kiosk built into the wall. I could only see from her waist up.  She smiled and had a pleasant vibration.  She slide out a pamphlet with information on it.  I can’t quite remember what the info was about but I had questions about it.  Not concerning questions, but intriguing questions.
After a short time we were allowed to wander about this place. When we walked outside the “store” it was outside with buildings and street.  It was dark and I had the impression that I was being tested.  All of us where going through some sort of screening process.
I walked on the left side of the street to avoid any others.  It seemed to have just rained and the streets were quite with an eerie feel. The urge to look behind me was tearing at my back as I walked but something inside told me to continue.
I walked past an intersection and there was a guy standing there and I said “hello” in a bright way, he did not respond.  I said hello to everyone I passed trying to make eye contact.
The streets got brighter and people got friendlier.  A man pulled up next to me and said “Awe man, I loves the fours flavor”. Excuse me, I asked.  The … your holding in you hand, I like the flavor they have called ….  It is a mix of four flavors, If you ask for it , they will make it special for you. I looked down and in my hand appeared to me to be an ice cream cup with a light green type of sherbet. I wondered where it came from but before I could really think about it, I came into a crowd that was gathering.
I saw people from earlier in this day, from when we got our robes assigned and I asked them in a joking way how come they got a shirt and I got a dress.  “This is what they gave me” one replied “I am wearing what they gave me.”
The woman that had been on the bus as a handler was sitting at a long bar.  I approached her and asked her something … She seemed shocked.
”You seem to be taking this well” she said.
“I am up for new experiences especially if I can learn something new.”
She turned to one of the older gentleman handlers and said, “he seems to be a good one.”
She motioned to the person behind the bar and they slide an ice cream cup in front of me.  I did not have a spoon and I asked the woman if she could reach me a spoon out of the utensil holder.  She did and made a remark that I cannot make out.  I grabbed the cup and began to eat.  She said to me “ Now, be very careful,”  I interrupted her and finished her sentence and I said, “Because you can only face…” I scanned the area to get my bearings. and continued” East when you eat this”.
She had the look of utter amazement as she faced at the older man handler.
“Thats correct, but how did you know that?” she asked.
“I read the book” I said.
“the book?……Who wrote the book?” she asked.
I could not remember for the life of me who wrote the book, I have read a lot of books and all the covers and titles and authors flashed in my mind. it was on the tip of my tongue but would not come out.  She slide me a book off the table and said, “Here, if you like to read, read this.” It was a thick hard cover and I held it in my left hand.  It was heavy.
“What’s this” I asked.
“The book you read” she replied
“I have never read this book”
“How do you know” she asked
“Because I don’t recognize the title.”
Thats weird the lady said, “you wrote it.”

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