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Way Past Tipsy and Other Silent Cries for Help...

In his debut collection of short stories, Ran Kime takes you through vivid accounts of his experiences, his memoirs, dreams, and philosophies, as well as his thoughts on aliens, questions on reality, time, hope, and despair. This read is most enjoyed while partaking in several adult beverages with Atom Heart Mother or something of the like, nibbling gently at your ear. Lock yourself down and remember for this read and remember, you can always take tomorrow off…


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Spectre of the Brocken

Spectre of the Brocken is Ran Kime’s sophomore attempt at being profound, or so he thinks. He craves constant attention and this is one way he feels that he will get it. So please, go get this sucker for you and a friend. He makes no money offer of the sales. Seriously.

Due out in early 2024. 

Just Words...
The Lyrics and Shenanigans of the dirty lil’ trollops & brothers KIME

Just Words…is to be a coffee table kinda’ thing. Ya’ know, the one that you use as a coaster because it has sat for so long without reading that it becomes banner blindness to you and others in your household. That’s OK, we accept your apology early.

Out December 2023

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